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Find Strength in Numbers

To end prostitution we must find strength in numbers.

Project #1 - Magdalene's Bakery


Find Strength in Numbers. Be A Number.

“I have never had my own house or my own food. I just bought my very own house and can now afford my own food. I now have 13 plates, 3 cups and 5 spoons.”                                                                                  - Anna Abokya


Contribute directly to the Magdalene's Bakery by purchasing the supplies they need.

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I paid off all of my debts. I bought my very first house. Another child is left in Congo because I didn’t have the money to get him here. Now I am saving up money to bring him here.”            -Martha Matei


Sponsor a woman for a month and provide the bakery with an amazing opportunity.

Change a Life

I never used to get money. Now I have my own money. I never new how to bake. Now I can bake for myself! I can sew! I never imagined being able to do these things. This has given me so much joy.” -Vikki Margret


Shop our one-of-a-kind handmade goods and give the life changing gift of work.

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